name:     bernd zangerl
age-group:       1978
residence:       flirsch - austria,  all over the world
climbingstart:    1994??            bouldering:    1999

your favorite climbing spots:
... quiet new places ..... with lots of fresh granite
  • ticino (CH)
  • africa
  • mountains

3 of your most favorite routes / boulders:

  • ANAM CARA                silvretta (A)
  • SHIANTRA                  africa
  • TINTENFISCHALARM   magic wood (CH)
    ..... and all my other first ascents

your goals in climbing:

  • keep on climbing, till i can’t walk to the crag
  • finish some of my „future projects“
  • get stronger
  • don’t get injured

adidas, entre prises, geckosport, petzl, red bull, PAD, 5.10